Lil Skies Trying To “Stop The Madness” With Gunna In New Video


Lil Skies Trying To Stop The Madness With Gunna In New Video

Stop The Madness is the second track from Skies’ debut album “Shelby” that comes with new video. The first visuals were set at “Name In The Sand” track.

Directed by Sara Lacombe, the new visuals present the 20 year-old rapper getting well cared by hot nurse in an clinic for mentally ill. Dressed up in a straitjacket, at the beginning of the video, Skies resist until the nurse gives him the dose, then all goes black for him and all these actions, while the rapper covers the first verse, chours and the second verse. The final part of the track is for Gunna, as he joins the Atlantic records signee for the third verse.

Premiere“March 18


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