Lil Wayne And Nicki Minaj Announced Collaborative Album

Lil Wayne And Nicki Minaj Announced Collaborative Album

The last episode of Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne on Friday welcomed one of the most interesting female rappers, Queen Nicki Minaj. And fans were blessed with great news of joint album coming from the Cash Money stars.

The interview happened the same day Minaj’s latest collaboration with 6ix9ine broke the charts. The track is called Trollz and is definitely breaking the records. Nicki has always been on the top since her first appearance in the music world, but this is not what the two of them discussed during the ten minutes-long interview.

When Lil Wayne asked her directly about her family, Nicki said she cannot complain at all. Even the opposite – she claims it is very calm and relaxing when you have a good person by your side to support and understand you, even if one is not married. Probably the reason to have more time at homemade her to reduce her appearance in the social media.

Nicki said she is not missing any of it and that also her not being so active on Facebook, IG and etc does not mean she is not working or doing nothing. Just the opposite – Nicki Minaj confirmed she is in the studio and one hundred percent working and making new projects.

Though she is making this confession after her consecutive successful track Trollz, she claimed it was never her aim to be at the number one spot. It was and is all just for music and working, for the people and fans.

Somehow the conversation about music led the two of them to the discussion of joint project and album. They have a successful collaboration back in 2017 and Nicki has always shown her respect to the rapper for making so great influence on her life and career. She claimed her respect and gratitude during the interview again and we can only be happy and impatient to listen to the album when it finally comes out.


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