Lil Wayne And Snoop Dogg Talk Tupac, George Floyd And More


Lil Wayne has aired another episode of his epic “Young Money Radio” on Apple Music and the latest guest was the OG Snoop Dogg. After Dr. Dre last week, now another Death Row legend is on the screen. Lil Wayne and Snoop had a nice talk about Tupac, George Floyd, IG Live battles and more.

In their 11 minutes-long conversation both hip-hop giants started with flattering each other. Tunechi even revealed Snoop is the one who managed to make him cough if you know what I mean.

Weezy and Snoop took the conversation to the sensitive topic about police brutality and the events following George Floyd‘s death. When Snoop was asked for the police brutality back then and now, D-O-Double-G went straight to the point claiming now is worse. According to Snoop, it is worse now but the technology and social media give a “broadcast” of it.

At the 6 minutes and 30 seconds-mark speaking about Tupac, Wayne asked Snoop, how relevant is Pac’s music nowadays having in mind his past with the legend.

Snoop is definitely a man who has some stories to tell during all these years in the game, especially with Tupac. And, that’s what he did.

It’s more relevant than ever and when he spoke it, a lot of people look at him crazy, because he had a military mind,” Snoop says about Tupac and his music.

What he was saying back then, it’s what’s going on right now” Snoop added.

The answer was enough for Wayne and then he gave Snoop a chance to pick the next topic. Of course, the Doggfather brought the “Verzuz” IG live battles and asked when Tunechi will be joining these battles.

Snoop called Wayne the young GOAT and blamed him for giving birth to a generation of rappers. “All the “Lil this, Lil that, young this” them yo’ babies” Snoop added.

Check out the full episode above.




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