Lil Wayne Enters Cannabis Industry With New Brand “GKUA”

Lil Wayne Enters Cannabis Industry With New Brand “GKUA” image

Lil Wayne Enters Cannabis Industry With New Brand “GKUA”

The diversity of business is very obvious and people may find any weird commercials and products every day. Lil Wayne, however, has chosen to band weed. The news was announced on the 2nd of December via his current Instagram account when obviously the New Orleans born rapper took control over his new venture.

The new brand of marijuana was presented in a video, smoked by Tunechi himself. It seems the whole promotion was a well-planned marketing product, as it came up with a slogan. It says this will be “the best high of your life“.

GKUA Ultra Premium comes with other recommendations as well as the message says the weed is tested and approved by Lil Wayne himself which guarantees the best quality on the market. The product is not presented just as a simple weed. It is called inspiration for the people given by the rapper himself to the others, no matter what stage of their lives and career they are.

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Lil Wayne and the industry

During the years Lil Wayne is famous not only with his music but with his several business ventures including the last one with the weed.

Lately developed a clothing line called Trukfit. He started it in 2012 and named it after memories from his childhood when he and his friends used to buy replica clothes from the back of a truck. Lil Wayne approved the designs himself as well.

The “A Milli” rapper was also the main person to show and wear the clothes as he appeared with them on every event and video he is making. The line is very successful and we wish him luck with the new business. Weezy F also partners with the Bumbu Rum and another clothing giant American Eagle.

Those who want to buy and try the new weed product can already do that. And see for themselves whether it is inspirational or not. Lil Wayne, however, is known to be a good connoisseur of cannabis. So those who are interested can trust the rapper on the quality and the guarantees he is giving.



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