Lil Wayne Honors DMX During His Live Performance In Miami

Lil Wayne Honors DMX During His Live Performance In Miami

During his live performance at Trilerfest that took place in Miami, Florida this Saturday (May 1), Lil Wayne honored DMX with a short, touching speech reminiscing the greatness of the late New York legend.

Somewhere at his performance, Weezy took the time to pay homage to DMX, who suffered a critical heart attack and passed away on April 9, 2021. Weezy shared a story of him being on tour with DMX back in the days when Wayne was the rising star of Cash Money Records in the early 2000s.

“When I was a younger kid, we used to be on tour a lot, right. Like six months a year. We used to have so many artists we didn’t need to have no opening acts ’cause we just needed another record label, and it was just us and them. So back then we went on this tour called The Cash Money/Ruff Ryders Tour,” Lil Wayne said.

“Being from New Orleans, it’s so far away from New York and Cali (California) and s**t like that. We didn’t know if it was real when we seen it on TV (sic), the New York guys, the L.A. people. So when we saw DMX, we all fell in love,” Weezy added.

“When I got on tour with him, and now you’re in the hotel lobby, you’re backstage, you run into a n***a and he actually says something to you, and when you see this n***a talk like how he rap, and you see this n***a is what he is, and you see this n***a has a zillion dogs with him… it’s impossible not to be obsessed, infatuated, impressed, whatever (sic).”

Watch the video of Lil Wayne paying homage to DMX below via an Instagram post by @officialgthh1



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