Lil Wayne & La’Tecia Thomas Show Signs Of An Engagement Called Off

Lil Wayne & La'Tecia Thomas Show Signs Of An Engagement Called Off

According to the latest signs and rumors, Lil Wayne and La’Tecia Thomas‘ engagement is called off. No diamond ring on her pictures no more, no Instagram follows.

Every couple in the show business, of which at least one is a celebrity, is watched very closely by the audience and the paparazzi as well. And since many of them are very glad to show the expensive gifts they give to one another, the people have become real experts on reading signs of a break-up or moving to the next stage. Both type of news is a sensation itself.

The latest couple, that caught the attention is Lil Wayne and fiancé La’Tecia Thomas. According to the history of these two, there are not very active on Instagram or else. This is proven by the fact that recently Ms. Thomas is noticed to follow nobody else but Lil Wayne. The same can be said for him as well. According to the newest information, none of this is happening.

Lil Wayne and La’Tecia Thomas’s relationship

But let’s go through the chronology of this relationship. Lil Wayne is a rapper and a songwriter, who holds the record for the youngest artist, signed a contract with Cash Money Records. La’Tecia, on the other hand, is a famous influencer and an extra size model, born in Australia. She uses her voice to empower women and to teach them a positive way of life.

Lil Wayne La'Tecia Thomas Engagement Called Off
La’Tecia Thomas And Lil Wayne

There are no certain facts about how to of them met. It was somewhere in 2019, and from February 2020 they are showing as a couple. Then matching tattoos were seen on both of them, as well as a big diamond on Thomas’s finger.

The last one she loved to demonstrate in every picture. And the audience got used to talking about they are already engaged, although none of them confirmed or denied the rumor.

As we already know the signs of this couple, we should say that none of them was seen on the latest pictures of Lil Wayne and La’Tecia. First, they stopped following each other, which nowadays is the most awful thing that can happen to a person in social media and surely shows that something has changed.

The latest pictures also do not show any signs of the diamond ring and who will put down show-off with a piece of jewelry like this.


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