Lil Wayne Leaves The Stage Frustrated During His Performance

Lil Wayne Live performance Image

Lil Wayne leaves the stage frustrated during his performance

Yesterday when the Young Money rapper was in the middle of his fourth song he said a couple of words and left the stage only a few minutes after he gets on it for his performance.

In a video on the web, we can see how the rapper had explained that he is not sure how long he could be able to do that. Lil Wayne also apologized for his action before he left the stage frustrated.

The tour

When Lil Wayne announced his co-headlining tour for this summer, everyone was surprised by the fact he will perform with Blink-182. Actually, that is not surprising because everybody knows that the rapper has always been a fan of Rock music and he has a close connection with the drummer of the band.

Lil Wayne and Blink-182 Tour image

They had planned 30 concerts, every in different places among which are Ohio, Atlanta, LA, Tampa and etc.

The tour started at the end of June in Ohio and after a few concerts, fans are already dissatisfied and are posting comments on social media, among which they wrote that this is not a good combination for a tour.

Lil Wayne And Blink 182 Tour Dates image

The last concert was in Bristow, VA and according to fans was a very bad one because of the weather and Lil Wayne left the stage only twenty minutes after he appears, although the fact his set should have been an hour and they were waiting for it. “He sang only three songs and a half”- one fan wrote down in media.

What is the reason?

It is unannounced yet, but it’s not hard to see it. One member of the crew made a post on Twitter yesterday, but it was deleted a few minutes after its appearance. There are some ideas for the reason on the web, but nothing is confirmed. Among them is that due to the bad weather, there were few people in the audience and the rapper did not want to perform in front of that less.

What are the fans’ reactions?

Fans are disappointed and mad because of that concert. Check by yourselves.



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