Listen: Unreleased Drake & Busta Rhymes Song ‘Stay Down’ Leaks Online

Listen: Unreleased Drake & Busta Rhymes Song 'Stay Down' Leaks Online

Once upon a time back in 2013, Drake and Busta Rhymes shared one record label Cash Money Records and sounds like their paths crossed in some point when they recorded “Stay Down” single.

The “Stay Down” song is produced by the late J. Dilla and finds Drizzy dropping the choruses and the first verse, followed by Busta dropping his bars over the toxic beat. 7 years later, the son leaks online.

In a 2013 interview with The Rolling Stone, Busta Rhymes revealed he got a joint project with Drake at that time. According to the “Break Ya Neck” rapper, Drake was way too busy which stopped their collaborative track to be finished. Busta joined Cash Money in 2011 and left in 2014.

“I have something that’s actually halfway done with Drake on a J. Dilla beat. It’s incredible.” – Busta Rhymes says for The Rolling Stone Magazine in 2013.

Check out the new old track “Stay Down” below


Release Day: June 17, 2020

Producer: J. Dilla




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