LL Cool J Is Back To Def Jam Recordings After Ten Years Break Up

LL Cool J Is Back To Def Jam Recordings After Ten Years Break Up image

LL Cool J Is Back To Def Jam Recordings After Ten Years Break Up

The 51 years old hip hop star of the last few decades has signed again with his first official label called Def Jam Recordings. The record company was the first to believe in him back at the ’80s when he was simply nobody and released one of his biggest hits so far. The history of Ladies Love Cool James is very long and full of remarkable moments. Def Jam Recordings has released the first single of the born in Queens rap star.

The first studio album of the star called Radio was also under the same label. And not only that but the whole next twelve albums. Until the break up in 2008. In one of the best moments of his hip-hop career J left the recording company and continued his career under another label. Exit 13 was the last project made with Def Jam Recordings, but now we can expect more successful collaborations.

During the years LL Cool J proved to be one of the most influential persons in music and worldwide.

Image of LL Cool J in the studio
LL Cool J In The Studio

His active music career actually stopped somehow after he left Def Jam. The rap star born with the name James Todd Smith turned his interests to movies and acting career. That is not because he suffered from a lack of interest from the public and fans. During his hip hop prime times he won twice the Grammy Award and was nominated many more times. His R’n’B greatest hits like Hey Lover and Doin’ It will stay forever in the all-time hits. One of the most famous music televisions VH 1 placed him in 2010 amongst the Greatest Artist of All Times.

It is not much to say that LL Cool J’s acting career is anyhow less successful than his performance as a rapper. His most distinguished role is in NCSI Los Angeles series – a very popular one.

The come back to the native decision of the rapper can be the step that will rearrange the hip hop market. His next album and single will be “can’t wait” to hear. The number one news is backed from rumors that another big name of the genre also joined the label. It is confirmed this is DMX. What a news!



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