Lloyd Banks Responds To DMX Following Lyrical Skills Questioning

Lloyd Banks DMX response

Lloyd Banks gave his response to DMX after the “Slippin” rapper expressed his doubts about Banks’ lyrical skills. With a series of tweets, the former G-Unit member shared his thoughts and maybe revealed the reason why X was so surprised when Banks was named as a great lyricist.

“So because I didn’t come to the studio to work when HE reached out..I’m not that good? 😂” Lloyd Banks tweeted.

A little bit of background. During live IG session with Fatman Scoop last weekend, DMX and Scoop were having a smooth convo about the current state of hip-hop and the topic for “top 20 lyricists” came up. Of course, the dog is on this list, but what made him so surprised was Fatman mentioning Lloyd Banks.

Lloyd Banks? (x3) Seriously?” DMX said with a bit of dramatic delay. When Scoop confirmed his words, X asked the host to quote at least 4 bars from Banks, which never happened.

In his response, the “On Fire” rapper first replied with a clueless tweet, adding “God bless him” at the end.

The second tweet from Lloyd came with some unknown until now facts that X once reached out to Banks for collaboration. Lloyd Banks then didn’t show up in the studio which, according to him now led to his lyrical skills questioning by DMX.



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