Logic Releases New “Homicide” Single Feat. Eminem


Logic Releases New Homicide Single Feat. Eminem

Shortly after the release of the lead single for his Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, now the 29-year-old rapper serving another single titled Homicide, which is a collaboration between him and Eminem.

The song, announced by Marshall and Sir Robert was set to be released on Friday, May 3rd but leaked out for the Australian fans the day before that.

Shortly after the unofficial release, the internet was flooded. Now the fans worldwide can stream and download the song using any service they wish.

Logic starts the track with the first verse and the Rap God takes the second, then all of a sudden the comedian Chris D’Elia drops a verse from one of his videos that went viral, pretending to be Eminem and his style.

Release: May 3rd


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