Ludacris Names His Top 5 Best Flow Rappers

Ludacris Names His Top 5 Best Flow Rappers

Ludacris made some kind of retrospective and presented to his audience his chart of the top five most favorite rappers with the best flows. He also explains why he likes exactly the person and the reason why he puts the rhyme spitters in the exact place. The top five were revealed during the podcast “Moments of Clarity”.

The first rapper that was mentioned to gain his admiration is André 3000. Ludacris said he is definitely one of his most favorite because he is always challenging in music and is daring his abilities.

The top five is not always for old classics, Ludacris appreciating the efforts of the young artists. That is why in his chart he kept a place for J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, who are occupying the other two places. Luda explained he gave them the advantage because he actually does not like when people have pattern and are recognizable. He is also looking for versatile artists, who like changes and are not stuck in one place. And that is applicable for both rappers.

And what is a chart of rappers without the name Jay-Z – one of the greatest to ever do it. Jay-Z has qualified again for the same reason as the others so far. According to Ludacris, HOV likes to experiment, likes to be different and has a personal approach to everything. That is what brought him such a big success.

Last but not least, he put Lil Wayne. Ludacris was thinking between him and Eminem, and how can a man neglect Eminem, but still there is only place for one person in the top 5. And he would go for Lil Wayne. This is because he is stubborn, always doing something and his youth deserves it. Revisit their latest collaboration “Silence Of The Lambs“.

Though the chart opened only five places, Ludacris did not forget to honor such big names as Tupac, Notorious and others, who gave so much for the rap.

Ludacris is also very conscious about the current situation with the Coronavirus and when he is not recording or doing something with music, he takes part in the KidNation media platform. The platforms aim to young children and want to teach them through music and songs.



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