Manchester City’s Mayor Criticises Eminem Over His Lyrics


Manchester City’s Mayor Criticises Eminem Over His Lyrics

There is no possible way for you to don’t know that Eminem just released his “Music to be Murdered By” which is Shady’s eleventh studio album. The surprising release came on Jan. 17. While Eminem prompts people to vote for gun control in “Darkness“, there’s another side of him that drags some negativity from the mayor of Manchester City.

One of the tracks features Young M.A. and it’s titled “Unaccommodating”. Here comes the part with some of the lyrics, especially the bars where Em makes a comparison for bombs and sounds like being on the tragic music event in Manchester.

I’m contemplating yelling ‘bombs away’ on the game/Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting.” Em raps.

Many of us remember the bombs, which killed more than twenty innocent young people at a concert of Ariana Grande. The case echoed everywhere in the world. It was dramatic and harmful, and it’s still for the family of the victims.

Very strong reactions followed the euphoria over the new release. The mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham himself has a very strong position on the matter.

He exactly called the lyrics “unnecessarily hurtful and deeply disrespectful” end of quote.

A member of the victims’ families also spoke her voice against the music of Eminem. A mother of a killed boy called the act “not clever “ and also “pointless”. She declared that she is not looking for revenge and is not going to mess with the fans of the rappers in no case. She did not call him any names, she just said she is offended and totally not amused.

So, while some take the lyrics deeper and personal, others just know how Slim Shady is using his powerful verbal skills and don’t pay so much attention to the mentioned bars. While the internet is attacking Eminem over the controversial words, they skip the fact that he showed compassion back in 2017, calling all of his 22,8 million followers on Twitter to join him on helping the victims and their families.



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