Meek Mill Selling His 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom For Charity

Pic collage of Meek Mill and his Rolls Royce

Hard times are getting the best out of people. Meek Mill is selling his 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom in an auction and the money will go to feed the poor. Many famous people realize how hard it is for the families who lost their incomes and jobs and that is why new charity foundations are appearing every day to help those in need.

Meek Mill also joined this group of noble people, who want to raise money and give it for a good cause. What is great about his deed is that he gives up one of his favorite and most expensive cars on auction to sell it. The Rolls Royce Phantom is for sale as part of the #ALLINCHALLENGE initiative.


It is a unique and very interesting way to donate money. It works like this: one star is challenging the other two or three, who have to reply and also challenge other people on their turn. On the Instagram tag of the challenge, you can see photos and videos of the challenges.

The crisis with which the challenge is trying to deal is particularly connected with the Coronavirus and the way it affected our lives. Being aware of the fact that many are less fortunate Mike Mill is giving his 2018 car and is also addressing the challenge to other stars. LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather and James Harden are among those who are expected to answer to the challenge.

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I continually say that it’s the responsibility of leaders in sports and business to step up and make a real difference during the most difficult times!! Being stuck at home with no sports and watching WAY too much news, my heart bleeds for everyone affected by this horrible virus and I keep thinking … what else can we do and where can we make an immediate impact?  So, today we’re launching the ALL-IN Challenge with the goal of uniting the sports, business and entertainment communities to start the largest digital fundraising movement ever by raising tens of millions of dollars or more to help provide food for the growing number of people in need that COVID-19 crisis has created!  So I’m challenging every athlete, sports team owner, sports league, artist, celebrity and business titan to go all in with me. How does it work? It’s simple – post a video accepting the challenge, explain why you want to get involved and then unveil what your donation is.  BUT it can’t be just some run-of-the-mill item – to go ALL IN, you need to give away one of your most cherished possessions or create a once-in-a-lifetime fan experience that will be auctioned off at  And one last rule – you must challenge a few others to do the same. Go to to learn more. 100% of all money raised from the ALL-IN challenge goes to feeding people in need!  Special thanks to one of my closest friends @alantisch , who has been working on this 24/7 since this idea came into my brain and longtime friend @garyvee along with the entire @fanatics organization that has been working tirelessly to make this happen, and maybe the only company on the planet that can pull this off in two weeks!! LETS GO!! #ALLINCHALLENGE

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ALLINCHALLENGE originally started with the announcement of Michael Rubin, who is the owner of the team of Philadelphia 76ers. He started the fundraiser as he addressed many members of the show-business, entertainment, sports and other. He sends the message that every one of them has useless possessions that worth millions of dollars.

As they decide to give up what they do not really need stars will be able to save thousands of lives. Every profit goes all for food which is been given to people in need. Many famous names responded, amongst them are Magic Johnson and Kevin Hart. Here is the list of all the auctions.

Meek Mill and his Rolls Royce

The Philly rapper is about to auction off his 2018 black matte, V12 Rolls Royce. He describes it like this: “My dream car that motivated me to chase success!!”. The auction for the car started at $200,000.00 and is currently at $310,000.00.

The raising of money is going excellent. Since the start of the challenge on the 14th of April, more than one million dollars are collected. It is actually more than a million and a half.–xG_SpQIl/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Quavo also accepted the challenge. The Migos rapper decided to gift any fan “a day with the Huncho”. The winner will get a Lamborghini day with the rapper, as well as producing credits for his next song. On his turn, he challenged Offset, Trae Young and Saweetie.


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