Meek Mill Shows “Otherside Of America” In New Single


Meek Mill dropped the new track “Otherside Of America” highlighting the recent events that led to mass protests around the U.S.

Following the death of George Floyd, countless rappers took participation to support Floyd’s family and people protesting in seeking social justice. Some went on the streets, some donated money to bail out people and some gave voice to their feelings with new music.

Meek who is a well-known fighter for black people’s rights and also launched his prison reform movement last year, shows the current situation in the most real way with “Otherside Of America”.

The track is produced by SHROOM and Butter Beats and finds the Philly rhymer dropping them bars for 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

Check out the new single above or get the new track here.

Release Day: June 5, 2020

Producer: SHROOM, Butter Beats



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