Meek Mill Would “Never” Like A Post For Nicki Minaj’s Husband Arrested

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Meek Mill Would “Never” Like A Post For Nicki Minaj’s Husband Arrested

The latest news about a celebrity or more accurate to say married to a celebrity is about the arrest of Kenneth Petty. The bad boy, who is currently married to Nicki Minaj was busted in California for violation of an order for registration. The reason he was taken into custody is regarding his previous dealing with the law, some of them not really pleasant.

When we say a bad boy for Kenneth we really mean it. According to the law of the State of California, everybody who was arrested and found guilty has to register when he or she enters the state. It turns out that the husband of our favorite female rap star was convicted and served four years for an attempt for rape. This happened in 1995 in the state of New York. Still, after all those years it matters and is considered a serious crime. That is why every time he goes to specific states in the USA Kenneth needs to register as a potential sex offender.

Nicki Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty
Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty. Footage from the video of “Megatron”

It is not easy for Nicki Minaj to deal with the past of her husband lately. Still, she is beside him. Probably she was the one who paid the bail in LA which is one hundred thousand. Kenneth was reportedly released but is wearing an ankle monitor for some period. He is also forbidden to leave Cali’ for now.

Shortly after the news for the arrest of Nicki Minaj’s husband circled the internet space, another one caught the attention, a screenshot of the news with the like of Meek Mill under it rose the tension.

It is not a secret that Nicki Minaj is his ex, which is a fact from the past he dealt with. Actually, he is going after the “Queen“ every time he had even the smallest chance about that. The latest verbal fight between Meek and Petty was in January, in a Clothing Store, Hollywood, CA.

In an official comment about that the “Championships” rapper denies at all coast. He does not say that he started to like Kenneth – not at all. The Philadelphia born and raised rapper assured that he will never be excited about anyone who is arrested with the additional caption “End Of That”.



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