Method Man Announces New Album & A Wu-Tang Project Coming Soon

Method Man Announces New Album & A Wu-Tang Project Coming Soon

Method Man sat down for an interview with Jemele Hill for Spotify’s podcast “Jemele Hill Is Unbothered” and announced his new album is on the way.

Method Man revealed that he and Mob Deep’s Havoc are working on a new project which should arrive any soon. The upcoming LP holds the name “Dirty P” and there’s a reason for that. The album pays homage to Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Prodigy.

The collaborative project between Meth and Havoc was set to hit the streaming platforms back in 2019, but the year ended up just with the release of the single “Squad Up“. Now, as 2020 is coming to an end, the fans rejoice at the new update provided by Johny Blaze.

Havoc and myself have an LP coming out called Dirty P, which is a play on Old Dirty Bastard’s name and the Prodigy. Myself and Rockwilder is doing a tribute to break beat old school Hip Hop.” – Method Man said about his upcoming LP.

Aside from his ‘Dirty P’ project, Meth gave an update on the upcoming Wu-Tang Clan album. Fans now can be sure that the project is in the works. The 49-year-old rapper revealed that he recorded two songs for the legendary rap group’s upcoming album months ago.

We were working on something, I did two songs but I haven’t heard back in months,” he told Hill. “That’s just Wu-Tang. That’s how we work,”-Method Man added.

Check out the whole interview below via Spotify.



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