Method Man Drops New Video For “Drunk Tunes” With Noreaga and Joe Young


Method Man Drops New Video For Drunk Tunes With Noreaga and Joe Young

Johnny Blaze joins forces with the L.A. rapper Joe Young, the 41-year-old producer, and rapper Noreaga and the new sensation securing the chorus, Jessica Lee Lamberti.

The Wu-Tang rap star provides new visuals for the track Drunk Tunes off his album “Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium”, dropped in the wrap of 2018.

Directed by “The Last American B-Boy”, the video reveals a party where obviously everyone is drunk but the rap doesn’t stop. Noreaga goes first, then after the chorus, Method Man breaks in spitting his explosive rhymes while chilling on a couch.

Premiere: May, 7



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