Michael Rapaport On Meek Mill: “Trash Rapper”, Meek Responds


Michael Rapaport On Meek Mill: “Trash rapper”, Meek responds

Known not only as an actor but as a rap music fan, Michael Rapaport always go straight to his point, with no hints and he don’t mind to express his opinion as the way he sees it.

That is the case with Meek Mill’s live performance at NBA ALL-STAR game, where “Championships” artist did few of his tracks during the show opening. Michael hopped on twitter to reveal his thoughts on the show, and shocked everybody with his post, calling Meek Mill trash rapper.

That obviously caused wave of tweets coming on Rapaport way, but looks like even motivated him more to drop another dose of criticism, at the Philadelphia rapper. Calling Mill raps off the beat and has no flow at all in another post the actor continued his verbal attacks.

The instant replies on the tweets, provoked Michael to put another one in the line, claiming Meek Mill is not even in the top 20 of Plilli rap stars, questioning why the fans are mad to him. As final, the movie star made a throwback in the recent past, while Meek Mill and Drake had their beef alive, claiming that the “What’s Free” artist missed his chance to “stand tall” as a rapper back then.

Few hours later, the half of “Going Bad” project, decided to reply to the recent critical statements. Meek Mill was in such a rush to answer that on purpose or not, he got the actor’s name wrong on the @, but that fine because everyone knows who is aimed to.

In his first post, Mill addressing his critic in 3 points, First, to not use the word trash when is about to his culture, second – the authorization questioned and at last Mill reminded for the last time he and Michael met, Michael asked a selfie with the rapper. As a prove for it, Meek posted the selfie, cropped Nicki Minaj out of it and named her as “Anonymous”



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