Mopreme Shakur Finds Trump’s Campaign Disrespectful Over Tupac Joke

Mopreme Shakur Finds Trump's Campaign Disrespectful Over Tupac Joke

Tupac Shakur‘s brother Mopreme Shakur finds Trump’s campaign disrespectful and he has the right to do it.

In the latest political debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, Trump’s campaign took some BAD decisions to use the late rapper as a way to troll Kamala Harris.

According to the sources, the team behind Trump’s campaign reserved a seat for Tupac at the debate and the main goal of this act was to serve as a troll to their opponent.

Make the long story short. In one of her interviews in September, the Vice President Candidate was asked to reveal her choice of who is the best rapper alive. Without thinking too much, Harris said – Tupac, then realized her words gave herself the correction, revealing she names Pac as the best rapper alive all the time. “Not alive, I know, I keep doing that.” – Harris said. In fact, can’t disagree with the “best rapper” part for sure.

So, with this already said, Trump’s campaign decided to use it as a strike below the belt for the Vice presidential debates. This Tupac joke is what Mopreme Shakur finds “clearly disrespectful”.

“We should know Trump’s lack of respect for the Black and brown community,” the late rapper’s stepbrother told TMZ. Mopreme added he doesn’t expect the President of the United States to apologize for the acts of his campaign, but suggested Trump could make things better if release his father Mutulu Shakur from prison.




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