Mozzy Releases New Album Called ‘Untreated Trauma’

Mozzy Releases New Album Called ‘Untreated Trauma’

It seems like Mozzy has no plans of stopping soon as he drops his new album ‘Untreated Trauma”.

In this project, he used the help of many people including Babyface Ray, Kalen.FrFr and YFN Lucci.

In none of his projects and tracks, the rapper forgets to emphasize his Sacramento roots. This album is no exception. So he invited as guests Celly Ru and E. Mozzy.

Untreated Trauma Mozzy tracklist back cover image

Mozzy gave his best to pave the way for the album Untreated Trauma. Recently he released the track “Straight to 4th”. The single had a video as well. It once again connected the rapper to his roots while showing him revealing his demons.

This is the second album for Mozzy released this year. He is obviously on fire and nobody can deny it. In May 2021 he took part in the “Kommunity Service” album. It was a collaborative work with YG.

The album Untreated Trauma has ten tracks on its list. Listen to the new project by Mozzy below.

Additional information:

  • Release Date: September 17, 2021
  • Record Label: Mozzy Records, EMPIRE



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