Music: J Cole – Middle Child


Music: J Cole – Middle Child

The release of the new J Cole track “Middle Child” was announced on Monday, (Jan.21) and as expected it came up today (January, 23).

J Cole did few hint posts on the social media with few bars from the intro of the project in the beginning of the week.

The phrase “Middle Child” used for the single of the multi-platinum rapper have deeper meaning. According to the lyrics of the song, it represents Cole’s current position in the hip hop environment, claiming to be in the middle of old generation and new generation of rappers. Comparing himself to big brother and little brother in the same time.

Listening to the song there is part when J thanks to the OG’s who paved the way, who he learned from and studied and put claims that thanks to this, he is the greatest now.

After Cole did a hip hop charts blast with his last album – “KOD” in 2018 which was such a success with the tag on it “no features” now the 33-year-old rapper going to the opposite for his upcoming mixtape “Revenge Of The Dreamers III” crowded with rap super-stars collaborations.

The hard work of “KOD” artists is such an inspiration. Cole working on two more projects meanwhile and we are pretty sure that when any of them drops out, it will be hitting the top of all charts again.

Released: January 23, 2019


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