NAV Release His New Album “Bad Habits”


NAV release his new album Bad Habits

The Canadian rapper drops his second studio album today on March 22 “Bad Habits” produced by The Weekend. The new project of Toronto rapper delivers whole new 16 tracks to his fans with features like Meek Mill, Young Thug, The Weekend and many more.

Тhe return of NAV was announced last week on March 14, by his manager when he surprised fans with “Tension” song. Unofficial retirement seems to be over, the OX artist was claiming in January would join the retirement with his fellow Lil Uzi Vert.

According to NAV co-founders of Generation, label refuses to sign off on the “Habits” feat. Vert. Тhe circumstances settled so, he had to withdraw the track from this release.

NAV was not so happy with the label’s actions by sending a message to the IG complaining that he and all the fans are disappointed with the removal of Vert’s album.

At least legitimately, has always been a big fan of Gangsta G. mixtapes and always think that they support the new performers, but it was all about lying and money.



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