NETFLIX Buys Kanye West Documentary For $30 M, Expected In 2021

NETFLIX Buys Kanye West Documentary For $30 M, Expected In 2021

NETFLIX Buys Kanye West Documentary For $30 M, Expected In 2021

The news for the life of Kanye West soon to be presented in documentary series quickly circled the social media. For almost 20 years long career the rapper has a lot to show and tell.

The documentary series will show important moments from Ye’s life. The already highly-anticipated Kanye West documentary still does not have a name but, it is sure Netflix will distribute it. Of course, there will be footage in the series that has never been seen and shown before.

According to the sources, the streaming giant will purchase the documentary for the amount of $30 million. While some say that this figure is not very accurate and not even close to the truth.

Kanye fans will be able to take a deep look into his colorful life. During recent years Kanye West got involved in so much more than just rap. He even tried to become a president. His campaign was not very successful but he does not seem to give up and even announced he has plans to run for president again in the next elections.

He created the clothing brand named Yeezy as well as honored his late mother Donda as he named his upcoming album after her. Unfortunately, he soon will be a divorced man, but he is keeping things together. And this is just a small part of what’s behind Kanye West so far.

The documentary will be produced by Clarence Simmons and Chike Ozah who also directed Ye’s videos from 2004, Jesus Walks (Version 3) and Through The Wire.

The specific date for the premiere of the documentaries is yet unknown. The spokesmen on the behalf of the Netflix platform did not tell a date either. But it will be for sure in 2021.

Kanye West is mostly known for his music of course. He won many Grammy Awards and the last one he got in 2020 for the gospel album Jesus is King. With this one, he has all-in-all twenty-two Grammy Awards till now. It appears the gospel style is here to stay for Kanye and he proved that he can do hits from anything.



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