New Eminem Photo Suggest ‘MTBMB Side B’ Coming Soon, Is It Really?

New Eminem Photo Suggest 'MTBMB Side B' Coming Soon, Is It Really?

In the last few days, stans’ adrenaline has risen significantly after rumors of eventual new music from Eminem surfaced online and sparked the word for an ‘MTBMB Side B’ deluxe edition of the January-released MTBMB album.

It’s not the first time the fans give life to rumors for a new album of their favorite rapper, the same happened to J. Cole and many others. But…the last time Shady dropped new music, wasn’t accompanied by any kind of promo so, there are chances for MTBMB Side B Deluxe Edition to surface any soon.

It all started with a leaked photo of the Detroit rapper standing on a green background, giving the hints for a new video on the way.

Eminem on green background image


Also, Cole Bennett, the director who filmed the video for Godzilla was spotted sharing a Story with the sign of the 8 Mile.

However, this is not the end of the story. After last night, the air around the Rap God got heated up to the limit when the rumors for “Music To Be Murdered By Side B” came, this time with an eventual release date – this Friday (December 18).

Another image surfaced online including the new Eminem picture, presented as the cover of the MTBMB Side B accompanied by a tracklist of the 12-track album. According to it, we will meet names such as Royce Da 5’9”, White Gold, Cordae, Boogie, Skyler Gray, and others. Regarding who is behind the alleged project, it is enough to see names such as Dr. Dre, Eminem himself, Mark Batson, and others.

Music To Be Murdered By Side B cover image


On the other hand, earlier today KXNG Crooked, who is probably one of the most spoken artists around Shady, posted on his Twitter account that he could not confirm this information and he apologized to the fans.

Dear Stans … I can absolutely not confirm ANYTHING that has my logo on it. Sorry guys.

And one of his next tweets says “Stans should be happy tho because Em stays working fr

Probably each of us, trembling in anticipation, wonders if all these are just rumors or this Friday we will witness something spectacular.

New video or a new album, all we have to do is hold our breath and wait until December 18 when Marshall Mathers will have the opportunity to put all this to an end.



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