New Jersey’s New Flow: Dreamer$ Paradice Shares New Track ‘The Tour’

New Jersey's New Flow: Dreamer$ Paradice Shares New Track 'The Tour'

New Jersey-bred artist Dreamer$ Paradice presents his new track “The Tour” and the new video for it.

The new 2022 keeps on giving us more and more new music. “The Tour” is the latest music effort by Dreamer$ Paradice and sets a new direction to the flow we used to hear so far.

The track was announced to the fans a few days ago with a short video snippet via the Dreamers’ Instagram page. The video for the new track premiered on January 4, 2022, and it is directed by JUICEBOX CARTEL.

Also known as Lil Dre P, the young artist was influenced by hip-hop heavyweights like Hopsin, Chinx Drugs, Kid Cudi, and some classy names such as Michael Jackson and John Lennon among others. Such a great taste of music formed the style we hear today.

Dreamer$ Paradice’s love for music comes from an early age. Since he was a kid, he was watching his grandfather who was a DJ, throwing parties in their basement. Being there and watching people dancing on Beres Hammond and Bob Marley was the spark that ignited the flame.

Listen to the new “The Tour” track and watch the video below.

Additional information:

Release Date: January 4, 2022



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