Ni**as In Paris By Jay-Z & Kanye West Is Now Certified 8 x Platinum

Ni**as In Paris By Jay-Z & Kanye West Is Now Certified 8 x Platinum

Ni**as In Paris By Jay-Z And Kanye West Is Now Certified 8-Times Platinum

The single “Ni**as in Paris“ by Jay-Z and Kanye West, which was released in 2011 continues to conquer the tops of music charts. Kanye West and Jay-Z nailed it back ten years ago. The track did not reach straight to number one, but it is still winning.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) since March 22, 2021, the single is certified with no less than eight million sold copies. This is all in all since day one of its release in 2011.

The eight-times platinum certification of the track took a long way. First in 2011 after its release, it went straight to number five on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The first step up was when till December the same year it sold half a million copies. It went gold then. After that, till February the next year, it was certified platinum and double platinum. By that time “Ni**as in Paris” reached two million copies sold. After that, it continued to go more and more times platinum. For several years in a row, it went multi-platinum. This was in December 2012, then in November 2013, after that December 2014 and March 2018.

During that time the track also won several awards. Amongst them are Grammy for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at 2013.

It is hard to say one specific reason for the great success of the track. Perhaps because it is a complex of the good work of many artists. The song was produced by Hit-Boy, West, Anthony Kilhoffer, and Mike Dean. The cuts are made by Kanye and Hov as this collaboration was a celebration of their joint album Watch the Throne. The track also includes dialogs of Will Ferrell and parts of the Victory project of Busta, Puff Daddy, and B.I.G.

It will not be a surprise if next year the track wins more awards and climbs one more step up.

Revisit the song below.



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