Nick Cannon Drops Third Eminem Diss “The Invitation Canceled”

Nick Cannon The Invitation Canceled image

Nick Cannon Drops Third Eminem Diss “The Invitation Canceled”.

Despite the lack of response at all from Eminem, Nick Cannon drops yet another diss track steering the attention around him and Shady. We don’t know why he keeps doing it or how many more tracks are on the go, but maybe that’s just his way of handling the “Lord Above” lyrics.

After the first track was literally the invitation, now seems Wild N Out holds no place for Em and that’s why it’s Canceled. Without any concern about how the hip hop fans and artists reacted to his first two tracks aiming at the rap god, amid all the dislikes and mocking, Nick shots another one.

You can check out the song and the video here:

The first two tracks here

Premiere: December 19, 2019



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