Nick Cannon Strikes Again With New “Pray For Him” Eminem Diss

Nick Cannon Strikes Again With New “Pray For Him” Eminem Diss image

Nick Cannon Strikes Again With New “Pray For Him” Eminem Diss

While the hip hop world still reacts to yesterday’s “The Invitation” song, Nick Cannon just dropped another diss track aimed at Eminem.

Once again Cannon brought company for the track in the face of the “Black Squad”.

The verbal shots went on Twitter shortly after the release of the first diss. Marshall rarely uses his account to tweet, but he did it to respond to Cannon’s acquisitions, calling him a “bougie f*ck”.

Eminem's tweets about Nick Cannon

Although Em’s answer wasn’t what all Stans desire of – a diss track, seems like he touched the right string in Nick, causing the radio host to drop another diss. The #ripnickcannon hashtag flooded Twitter, shortly after the arrival of the first track.

50 Cent also expressed his thoughts over Cannon, with an IG post, defining the first song as “trash”.

As expected “The Invitation” wasn’t accepted well from the Rap God’s fans as the video of the song is about to enter the chart for most disliked videos on YouTube.

Unlike the first one “Pray For Him” starts with separating the family members aside from the rap game “Move Hailie out the way…we don’t shoot kids”.

Another notable lyrics that going over a sensitive topic is “God should’ve taken Em and let us keep Juice WRLD”. Maybe using this just a few days after Juice WRLD’s death wasn’t so appropriate but there are no rules when it comes to beef. So maybe, Nick Cannon and his Dark Squad crew are making sure they will get a response from Eminem any soon. One thing is for sure, Stans can’t wait to hear some new piece of art from Shady.

Check out the “Pray For Him” track here:

Release Day: December 10, 2019


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