Nicki Minaj And Cardi B After Tomi Lahren On 21 Savage Tweets


Nicki Minaj And Cardi B After Tomi Lahren On 21 Savage Tweets

Fox news reporter Tomi Lahren is once again in a verbal clash with hip hop artist, this time is the queen.

It all started after 21 Savage’s being illegal in the U.S. story got the social medias on fire. We saw many of the rap stars defending the young rapper and showing their support on him during his hard times, while he is threatened by deportation.

And right at this moment, the political expert, known as supporter of the president Trump jumped in twitter with a mocking hint on 21’s current situation, quoting his own lyrics.

This couldn’t be left just like that by the industry and Nicki Minaj is one of the rappers who clapped back at it.

The “Hard White” artist made a whiplash via twitter addressing Lahren and pointing that her “obsession” with the culture is scary and revealing that she hates to give Tomi the attention that she craving for so bad.

Lahren answered with another tweet, claiming that she didn’t wrote the law and if someone is illegal, gets deported.

The Fox news star, was spotted from Cardi B as well. As they both got a argue last month, now was impossible for us to not see Cardi’s response on the Tomi’s behavior.

The “Money” rapper reminded for the last time she and Lahren exchanged few words, by mention the dog leash in a post. As expected she got answer to her tweet as well. The political expert went on Cardi’s words with “Broken system” suggest that they can both be on one side on it. Admitting that she is fan of 21 Savage and Cardi as well.



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