Noname Shares Her Response To J. Cole With New ‘Song 33’

Noname Shares Her Response To J. Cole With New ‘Song 33’

The indirect discussion between J. Cole and the young female rapper Noname ended with two good tracks, to which we will listen to long after the show is over. Seems like there is a lot to tell to each other though. In her response, Noname released “Song 33”.

But let’s start from the beginning and say who started the argument. The young lady said in the public space that she is not good with such rappers who not feel the need to do something in connection with George Floyd’s death.

It seems like every issue is connected with the case recently in the USA, but that is the situation and everyone should act accordingly. That is why Noname said she is disappointed with J. Cole’s behavior. She also said that people like him are interested in society when they have to sell their records, and now they are quiet and nowhere to be seen.

We saw J. Cole joining peaceful protests in his hometown Fayetteville, but that’s another topic and maybe Noname missed it.

That statement obviously took the KOD rapper by surprise and affected him, because he felt a need to defend himself. It’s just, his song “Snow On Tha Bluff” was not really a defending, but rather accusing and blaming the young Noname for different things. First, it was her age – that she is too young to be so bold. He also implied that she is not brave enough and made her opinion public in a rather strange way.

What followed was again from the accused lady. She also used the music as an answer and named her track Song 33. There is no specific explanation if the name means anything, but the lyrics are pretty good. What started as a not good conversation between a rap star and a girl, starting her career in the same genre, turned out to be a kind of triumph for the second one.

She showed her real talent for songwriting and rapping. And what is good is good and should be valued. Not only she told the truth about George Floyd and everything about the Black Live Matters and other stuff, but she also did it in a very good way.

J. Cole deserves respect for being honest and also like the song, though it was all about him. He also recognized her as a leader, who is doing what is right for the people and show his respect for her in social media.

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