NYPD Commander Threatening Life Of 50 Cent, “Shoot Him On Sight”


NYPD Commander Threatening Life Of 50 Cent, “Shoot Him On Sight”

When you have power, you must be aware to use it right way. Feb. 17, 50 fired up the media, revealing that the NYPD, 72nd Precinct commander, Emanuel Gonzalez, who told to his officers to shoot 50 on sight is under investigation.

The “shoot him on sight” phrase, Gonzalez pronounced during a boxing match in Bronx, which 72 Precinct was attending to, June 2017, right before 50 Cent to show up.

In his post, the “Many men” rapper expressing his opinion to the NYPD commander calling him “Dirty cop” and posting a screen shot of news about the investigation.

The commander then said it’s a joke, but the fact that few weeks before the threatening he and 50 Cent got in some issue, gives a new way to this so-called joke. Gonzalez filed a complaint about the rapper back then and as we all know 50 and his trolling skill the answer was “Get the strap” and maybe that’s how everything started.

In latest tweet, G-Unit boss called Emanuel piece a shit and embarrassment to Law Enforcement.


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