Obie Trice Arrested For Aggravated Felony Assault

Obie Trice

Obie Trice Arrested For Aggravated Felony Assault.

The 6th of December was a day when things became serious for Obie Trice. He is known as one of Eminem’s most successful signees and rapper, who always has used his real name instead of a nickname like most of the others. This evening though he was neither of the above. His personal life became a topic for everybody who reads the news for his arrest.

It is clear that his situation is serious because he was accused of two charges, both of them not to be neglected. It also includes shooting and insult. The participants in the incident were three people according to the official report of the Police which is no longer a secret. The signal was given from a neighbor who heard arguments, very loud and called the police.

The accident took place in the suburbs of Detroit, according to the official information. No names became clear excluding the name of the famous rapper, who had a very successful career under the Eminem record label – Shady Records.

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The Aggravated Felony Assault

Obie Trice who for a short time at the beginning of his career called himself Obie one was in a residence along with his girlfriend. At some point in the evening or shall we say the early morning, an argument came up between the two of them. The man, in this case, Trice pushed the woman who then wanted to leave the house instead of staying to see what will happen next.

The female participant in the incident also happened to be the mother of a son, approximately eighteen years old, who somehow was called or became aware of the pushing. Probably he came to take his mother and save her from the rapper.

That is when Obie became even more affected and went back for his gun. This is the point when things became serious and the shooting happened in the garage. Eminem’s affiliate succeeded to shoot the eighteen-years old boy on his way to the car, which led to his mother driving him in the hospital and the following arrest of the rapper. The woman’s son was shot in the groin.

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An official record of the arrest shows it happened near 5 a.m. in the early morning of the 6th of December. The bond for the charges is 16 900 dollars. Obie Trice is charged for shooting and for violation of court protective order – both of them serious enough for a sentence.



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