Pop Smoke Shot Dead During Home Robbery

Pop Smoke Dead

Pop Smoke Shot Dead During Home Robbery

The year barely started and the tragic news once again floods the social media and the hip-hop community. Unfortunately, many of them talented artists die young in the most powerful years of their music career. It is a pity that today (Feb. 19, 2020) the world lost another promising young life in very stupid circumstances. TMZ earlier this day confirmed the death of Pop Smoke – twenty years old California-born rapper and songwriter. Later the story was also confirmed by LAPD.

The rapper was born with the original name Bashar Barakah Jackson. Later last night, around 4:30 a.m. he was surprised by men with masks, who entered his home in Hidden Hills, Hollywood, California with force and pointing guns. According to the records, the police answered an emergency call for braking in the house of the rapper.

During that situation, he was shot fatally and when the police came at the place, they found Pop Smoke badly injured. His death came on the way to the hospital. Later he was pronounced dead in the local Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, situated in the west part of Hollywood.

The rapper, who has Panamanian and Jamaican origins, released his breaking single in April 2019 called Welcome to the Party. It has been chosen to be the first to be presented before the project “Meet the Woo” to be released. One of the names rumored to be the assistant in this work is Nicki Minaj. Obviously, this first project was more than successful that is why logically a sequence followed. Meet the Woo II is also a treasure, breaking straight to the top ten of the Billboard Chart.

Pop Smoke was no the first promising rapper to seize his career at such an early age. Nipsey Hustle also found the end at the age of thirty-three last year. Though the case there was different the fans will not stop their grief for their favorite rapper soon. XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo also died respectively at the age of twenty and twenty-one found shot dead.

For now, the murderers of Pop Smoke are at large, but hopefully, the police will do their job and catch them soon. Before his death, he was signed to Republic Records and Victor Victor Worldwide.

Rest In Peace Pop Smoke, prayers to his family.



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