Producer Hitmaka Speaks On Time Spent With DMX 

Producer Hitmaka Speaks On Time Spent With DMX 

In his recent conversation with My Expert Opinion the superproducer Hitmaka revealed an interesting story from the time he spent with DMX.

The career of Hitmaka, who is responsible for some of the hottest beats ever created, started in X’s Bloodline records. While Hitmaka was just a teenager he signed the label and that of course secured him some time with the late, legendary DMX. The hard work in the studio was accompanied by different situations and Hitmaka revealed one of them. 

Around the 2 minutes and 30 seconds mark in the video, uploaded by Math Hoffa on YouTube, the producer was asked about how he left Bloodline Records. “I remember my last great experience with X,” Hitmaka starts.

During one of his studio sessions with DMX in Toronto, Hitmaka reveals that when the session was over and all went out of the building they realized X’s car keys were left behind in the studio. Allegedly the “Who We Be” rap star, who got “two-fifths of Remy Grand Cru by himself” earlier, decided to take some rest no matter what.

“The n*gga was so in his bag, and he’s such a dog that the n*gga was like, ‘Ay yo, leave me the f*ck alone real quick.’ N***a laid down and [imitates dog whimpering] was crying like a dog, n*gga!” said Hitmaka. “And just went to sleep, n*gga, on a corner n*gga by his car n*gga on the sidewalk or whatever.”

While Hitmaka was shocked at how Dark Man X is dealing with the forgotten Benz keys, the other members of the crew warned him pretty clearly.

And n***as was like, ‘You don’t wake up the dog when he’s sleeping.’ Boy, we stayed out there for like, five hours while that n*gga just slept by his Benz, the whole sh*t.”

Watch the full video below via YouTube.




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