Rap History: 24 Years Ago 2Pac Dropped “California Love” Feat. Dr. Dre

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Rap History: 24 Years Ago 2Pac Dropped “California Love” Feat. Dr. Dre.

On this day 24 years ago on Dec. 3, 1995, 2Pac and Dr. Dre dropped the game-changing single “California Love” and raised the bar so high, that the track is still at the top among all the club anthems.

The single got to the head positions of world charts with such ease shortly after the release, but that’s normal, having in mind the verses over the Dre-produced beat and the effect over the fans. Even now, 24 years later the track brings the heat to every party.

Right after Tupac’s bail was paid and he was free, there was nothing more important than making new music for his later on released “All Eyez On Me”. Just two months after Pac was released from jail and already got his Death Row contract signed, there comes the hottest banger that is still A-MUST for every DJ.

Tupac Shakur out of jail 1995 image
October 12, 1995, Tupac Shakur Just Released From Prison

“California Love” was distributed around the world in 15 different editions including Vinyl, CD, Singles, Promos, and Cassette just in the year 1995. The single is certified 2 times, multi-platinum by RIAA with over 2 million units back in 1996.

The joint project between Shakur and Dre couldn’t skip the music video. After Jada Smith turned down the opportunity to work on the clip, her idea was visualized by the outstanding Hype Williams.

Remember where were you when “Cali Love” dropped?

Check out the video here:



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