Rappers Mourn Grammy Winner DJ Official, Killed by Multiple Gunshots


Rappers Mourn Grammy Winner DJ Official, Killed by Multiple Gunshots

Leslie Andre Wakefied Jr, also known as DJ Official, was fired down in LA.

On 14 June, DJ Official was sitting with a friend outside his house when shooting came from a passing-by car. He was shot down while his friend was hurt in the hip and is now in stable condition, according to official sources. The cause for dead was several gunshots.

At the time of the shooting, Wakefield`s grandfather was mowing the lawn and he was the one who called the police.



According to close friends and relatives, he wasn`t part of any gangs and he didn`t like this way of life.

DJ Official, at the age of only 26, won Grammy, just a few months back, and was in the prime of his life and career. He wasn`t just a successful DJ, but also an acknowledged producer with names such as Rich the Kid, Chris Brown, City Girls, etc. in his portfolio. Wakefield is credited as composer in Cardi B`s album Invasion of Privacy.

The news came as a shock to the whole industry and not only to his fans.

All his colleagues are devastated by the loss. They express their grief in social media and describe DJ Official with words such as “…a solid homie…” and “…love and good vibes…”.

Tributes to Wakefield paid Ty Dolla $ign who said on Instagram, “Who the f**k was mad at my bro? …”, who further accused to the culprit of jealousy.




DJ Mustard also went on Instagram to express his grief




Wakefield is survived by his newborn son, Andrew Zane Wakefield, who he recently showed on his Instagram page.

The investigation is ongoing and, according to different sources, the police are still looking for suspects and not engaging in any preliminary information.


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