Report: A$AP Rocky Arrested In Sweden For “Serious Assault” Suspicion


Report: A$AP Rocky Arrested In Sweden For “Serious Assault” Suspicion

The A$AP member visited Sweden to participate in the Smash Festival, that took place at Stockholm.

According to the sources, the arrest occurred after Rocky and his crew got in a confrontation with two men, that later went violent.

Around 1 a.m. on Tuesday, July 2rd, after his performance on the stage, the Harlem native was detained by Sweden police alongside three members of his entourage.

The Sweden Prosecutors said via their spokeswoman that: “One person was arrested for assault and three people were arrested for serious assault” and revealed details that Rocky is one of these three.

The incident that led to Rocky’s arrest has a little background.

Two days before the sources of hip-hop news reveal that the rapper is locked up, there were few videos that hit the internet and showed what led to the fight.

The 30-year-old rapper posted the videos himself, so his 10 million followers captured the moment. On the videos, we see A$AP Rocky and his crew been followed by two guys. The two men who were obviously aggressive and were seeking confrontation. The “Wild For The Night” rapper and his guard just tried to avoid any kind of actions that could place them in a position to fight.


The two men persistently continued to disturb the artist and random ladies as well. According to one of the voices that can be heard in the video, the strangers slapped girls’ butts. So there comes the second video where we see Rocky on rage mode, throwing one of the strangers to the ground.



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