Report: Eminem Investigated By Secret Service Over His “Framed” Lyrics

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Report: Eminem Investigated By Secret Service Over His “Framed” Lyrics

The stans know well the lyrics of Em’s “The Ringer“ track, which tells the story about Shady visited from Secret Service lately. If you think this is just to make the track famous and more interesting, it is not. The lyrics of the song is not the only source telling about that special visit. So, yes, his lyrics are true.

Certainly, Eminem got his position on every important political and social issue during the years. So as expected he did not hold his words for the current political life in the USA. And because he expresses himself with the music, well that is exactly what he did with his latest album as well.

According to the sources, documents with details of the questioning surfaced, though very edited, but it seems like we are talking about a serious matter. Thanks to the BuzzFeed News, we can take a look at the docs here.

Eminem was always known for his controversial behavior and desire to lyrically slap the ones he doesn’t like. And for that, this is not the first and only meeting with the Secret Service agents during the years.

Report: Eminem Investigated By Secret Service Over His "Framed" Lyrics image

Framed lyrics that got Secret Service Agents questioning Eminem

“Donald Duck’s on, there’s a Tonka Truck in the yard

But dog, how the fuck is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car?…

Second murder with no recollection of it

Collectin’ newspaper articles, cuttin’ out sections from it”

Framed, especially contents murder threats both for Ivanka and Donald Trump. As it was also revealed later, citizen Marshal Matters was reported to the Secret Service via email from TMZ, which earlier posted some content addressing the critics for the president on the same track. The “anonymous source” was very upset about the text and also wanted to know the result of the investigation and what measures were taken.

The quoted song Framed came out in a time when the whole world and many famous people reacted to the new president. It is obvious that the lyrics are not very polite and positive though, but how can a musician express himself except with the art.

And this questioning also put some mark on the freedom of the speech and mind. Eminem is known for one of the most honest and fearless of the rappers, which often caused him trouble during the years. What is for sure is that the fans will be able to enjoy Marshal Matters’ freestyle for a long time.



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