Report: Five People Arrested In Connection To Pop Smoke’s Murder

Report: Five People Arrested In Connection To Pop Smoke's Murder

Pop Smoke, who lost his life at the age of 20, was killed a few months ago at his home in L.A during a home robbery attempt. Still, no one was arrested or held under custody, until the 9th of July, when new facts surfaced about the killing of the rapper. According to the report, five people were arrested in Los Angeles on Thursday morning in connection to Pop Smoke’s murder.

Pop Smoke real name Bashar Jackson is one of the numerous victims of home invasions. Los Angeles is known as one of the cities with the most celebrities living there and having mansions they occupied for long terms or just for a holiday, the number of the home breakings are still very impressive.

According to the official report of LAPD, five people were arrested so far and all of them are connected to Pop Smoke’s murder back in February. The information confirms three of them are adults and the rest are juveniles. No names are quoted so far.

Let’s refresh the timeline from the night of the killing of the young rapper. The 19th of February was the fatal night for the “Meet The Woo” creator. Pop Smoke was staying at his home in L.A, while he was surprised by the attackers who broke his property. Unfortunately, some altercations happened, and also there was shooting, which later led to transporting the rapper to the nearest hospital in the city Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Soon after that, the rapper was pronounced dead.

According to the facts several people were wearing masks and an uncounted number of shots were made that same night. In the memory of the young rapper, his team released a posthumous album Shoot for The Stars, Aim For The Moon executively produced by 50 Cent. The album is available everywhere since the 3rd of July. The family also launched a non-profit organization, whose aim is to help the new generation of young rappers.



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