Rick Ross To Release A “Hurricanes” Memoir


Rick Ross To Release A “Hurricanes” Memoir

Rolling Stone reports that the Maybach Music Boss is heading to give to the world a memoir, focused on his entire life. The book will reveal details about the Boss before and after his break into the rap game, all the rise and falls, the life of a drug dealer and the very opposite – his correctional officer career and the reason to become one. Yes, Rick Ross has played all these roles in real life.

The memoir is about to be called “Hurricanes” and the meaning behind this goes for all the storms that Ross survived. Hurricanes will provide to the readers a look over B.M.F. mastermind legal issues, the health problems that occurred in March, 2018 and more to keep your interest while reading.

Rozay shared few words on the upcoming release, saying that his story was always been “deeper than rap”.

The memoir is expected to be released on September, 3.



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