Rick Ross Wins 5-Year Legal Battle With 50 Cent Over ‘In Da Club’ Remix

Rick Ross Wins 5-Year Legal Battle With 50 Cent Over 'In Da Club' Remix

Rick Ross came out as a winner from his 5-year lawsuit with 50 Cent over an “In Da Club” remix.

Rozay got the “winning over your opponent” feeling right now, especially when it comes to his past with 50 Cent. It’s not like their beef was over, but until last week, the tension between Ross and Fifty was on the minimum…well until now, Rozay is celebrating his win over the G-Unit boss.

Rick Ross made some efforts on making sure his win over 50 to not be left unnoticed. With a clowning IG story, the MMG boss shows to his fans and most likely to 50, that he is victorious and of course, he is happy about it.

Back in 2015, after hearing Ross’ remix for “In Da Club” from the “Renzel Remixes”, 50 filed a $2 million lawsuit and accused Rozay of copyright violation. Three years later, the judge decided to dismiss 50’s lawsuit.

That didn’t seem to get the G-Unit boss to leave it just like that and led to another lawsuit which apparently was closed last week with another win for Rick Ross.

Check out “In Da Club Remix” by Rick Ross below


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