Rolling Loud In Queens. Highlights, Restrictions And Party

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Rolling Loud In Queens. Highlights, Restrictions And Party

The citizens of New York and especially those who are circling the Queens experienced a weekend full of “Rolling Loud”. The music event was welcomed by the city that never sleeps, but it seems like it will not be for the last. Both performers and fans made it a huge part, keeping the good spirit and the love for music.

Rolling Loud is a traveling festival for several years. As it was mentioned this is the first time it stopped by in New York. The start of the event was marked by some very unpleasant news for some of the most distinguished stars to be performing.

According to the source, Pop Smoke, Casanova, 22Gz, Don Q and Sheff G were considered as very dangerous and were not allowed to perform, though they were announced earlier. This caused a wave of disapproval, but the New York Police Department made it clear that the performances of these five can cause trouble and that it is true that the Department sent a letter to the organizers of the event. Besides fans’ dissatisfaction, NYPD stayed on their opinion and kept them away from the stage.

Of course, many journalists looked for the other opinion – those who created the event. On their behalf, Tariq Cherif said that it was very important to bring back Rolling Loud to the Big Apple. That is why they have to comply with the requests of the police. All of the forbidden artists received fair compensation.

Excluding this small problem, the party was going on and on for almost two whole days. The crowd responded very well to the event. More than sixty thousand thickets were sold which is a hell of a crowd. Everything was very peaceful though. No reports for fights and violence were filed during the weekend of Rolling Loud. The event kept the Miami origins but tried to connect with the new city as well. Many rappers conquered the stage.

The first Rolling Loud night went for Wu-Tang Clan.


A$AP Rocky heated up the crowd with his appearance, later on, accompanied by Queens’ 50 Cent for a “Wanksta” live session.

Travis Scott from the other side delivered an almost hour-long performance, where even hurting his leg didn’t stop him from performing the rest of his hits. The 40 minutes mark of his performance was the time when the multi-platinum track SICKO MODE was delivered to the fans.

The event has reached its full capacity of FIRE level after all the big names in the industry gave their contribution to the perfect picture. Young Thug, A Boogie, Denzel Curry and more were amongst the names that shook the ground in NYC.


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