See Barack Obama’s 2019 Playlist, Including J. Cole, DaBaby & More Rap

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See Barack Obama’s 2019 Playlist, Including J. Cole, DaBaby & More Rap.

The last days of December are usually the period of the year when we spend leisure time with the family and having fun. It is also a time for interviews with interesting people, explaining how the year was going for them and what they are expecting from the new year to come.

At the end of 2019, one of the most interesting and respected politicians of our time surprised us with his brand-new music playlist on the Spotify app. The list has thirty-five tracks on a row and according to Mr. Obama, these are the songs to remember from the year. He is also pretty much sure that anyone can find something about himself on the playlist, no matter if one is going for a walk, long drive or workout.

The Playlist

You will be surprised how up-to-date Mr. Obama is with music and how good his suggestions are. As you might already know from previous statements, hip-hop plays a big role in Obama’s music preferences. For example, at number fifteen you will find J. Cole with the 4 times multi-platinum track “Middle Child” – how cool is that.

The playlist also features Beyonce of course, DaBaby with his “Suge”, “Pure Water” by Migos and Mustard, Young Thug with his “The London” and Frank Ocean among others. One thing is clear – those who love music do it in its every form, age and style.

It is no surprise that President Obama is active in his social life and takes part in many initiatives, even after he is not a leader of the nation anymore. His personality is bright and he is impressed by many sides of life, except politics. He tries to keep in touch with the younger and never lose the spirit. As a president and after that he is supported by Mrs. Obama, who I am pretty sure shares the same music taste like him.

The playlist comes just on time for the holidays when we often have a long drive home to see our parents and other relatives. And then again a long drive back to the city where we live and work. As workout was also mentioned for a great purpose to use Barack Obama’s playlist, it is good to spend more time exercising especially after the Christmas tables with meat, pies, candies and so on.

So, enjoy Barack Obama’s favorites for 2019 at Spotify and lookout for the next holiday presidential playlist for a good mood.


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