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For sure Snoop is one of the rap moguls since 1990, whose opinion is important and it is something to care about. And when a guy like Snoop Dogg makes a chart of his top ten rappers of all times, it is a serious job. Consequently, if someone has the belief that one deserves a place in this chart and he did not get like it happened to Eminem, it is nothing but a soar feeling and disappointment.

The Doggfather said in an interview last week that Shady is not in his top 10 rappers of all-time list and this led to an eruption in social media. To clear the air, Snoop gave his reasons to exclude Marshall and shared his 10 picks.


The list was revealed via the rapper’s Instagram profile and when he made the names public, he also put a good explanation about his choice. He was neither afraid nor ashamed of his choice.

Snoop Dogg is an OG, so he is very keen on other old school rappers, who was near his age, and as it is believed who put the basis of hip hop and rap music during the โ€™80s and โ€™90s of the last century. That is why Snoopโ€™s number 1 is understandably Slick Rick. Though he is now close to the age of 55, the rapper is still active in music events.

When people tried to criticize Snoop he made it clear that itโ€™s his own choice of top 10. He emphasized the fact that no of the members of his all times best rappers list is younger or the same age as him. They are all older and this means that the music has to pass from generation to generation and we have to be grateful for those who gave us the good thing about rap.

For example, he says the fact that he did not put Eminem, who is considered one of the best rappers ever, does not mean that he is not valued. Dr. Dre is in the list, and Marshal Mathers is a full product of him according to D-O-Double-G.

Other great rappers, who found their places in that same list of Snoop Dogg are LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube as well as Run from Run DMC and Ice T.

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