Shots Fired During Lil Baby Show In Birmingham, AL

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Shots Fired During Lil Baby Show In Birmingham, AL.

Lil Baby has very dynamic weeks lately. Though he just scored first No. 1 Album on the Billboard 200 chart with his latest LP “My Turn”, there are also not so positive vibes that surrounded the rapper during his last show in Birmingham, Alabama.

Half-minute long video is circling the net, showing how the fire was open and people were shot. Maybe what happened will not be that serious and talked about if there were no casualties. Unfortunately, the whole thing ended with one person seriously wounded.

The show was scheduled for the 7th of March, at the Bill Harris Arena located in Birmingham as mentioned before. It all went just fine until one moment when several people from the audience seemed to have some sort of serious misunderstanding. Few second after they started the fight, someone pulls a gun and a shot was heard, of course, everybody started running to save their lives. While doing that many people smashed the stage and ruined everything. Shortly after that, there was police everywhere, trying to calm down the situation and find the person guilty for the situation.

The story about the shooting was soon reported on The Birmingham News Show, claiming the complications happened somewhere at the beginning of the night at approximately 10 p.m. It was absolutely obligatory for the police to stop the show immediately. The suspect was not located that evening and the cops are still searching for him.

At least one person was shot during the Lil Baby show, not deadly hopefully, but then his or her health is threatened. The media tried to approach the official representative of Lil Baby for comment. None is given yet. That is why it is not clear yet whether the rapper was on the stage at that exact moment when the shooting happened or not.

As we mentioned before this is not the only thing that happened to the Atlanta born young star of hip-hop. On the 6th of March, the world woke up with the news of Lil Baby’s whole crew has jumped The Migos’ 1 of a 3, Offset. “The Perfect Timing” mixtape creator has to use all his capacity to deny the news. At the end of the day, he even created an Instagram story, telling the creators of this fake news just to stop it.

A few days ago he publicly announced one of the positive things these days for him. The rapper donated 150 000 dollars for a school in his hometown Atlanta. He also established the My Turn Scholarship Fund which will continue to help the schools in the area.



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