Snoop Dogg & 50 Cent Mocking Oprah For Falling On-Stage

Snoop Dogg 50 Cent Mocking Oprah image

Snoop Dogg & 50 Cent Mocking Oprah For Falling On-Stage

Probably you have often come across comments, which are not very good to read about oneself. The rap and hip-hop stars are known for their lack of any censorship when it comes to giving an opinion for something.

It does not matter if it is a lady, a college, a president or a situation, which is somehow embarrassing – you can be sure that most of them will tell you their mind. And they will even put it on the internet and reshare and retweet it, because why not?

In the same line of thoughts, that is what happened even with a female icon of many generations and a powerful figure in the television and public life. Though she is now not on the TV, Oprah Winfrey successfully continues her development and service to society. Currently, the lady is the president of her own network, which she founded in 2008.

The reason why she got the attention of 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg is footage from her latest seminars. While she was giving a speech on the scene of a full hall, she suddenly fell on the ground. And there is a very reasonable explanation about that. Later Oprah herself said that basically, she lost balance because of her heels. I bet every woman had gone through this at least once. This is also why she preferred to spend the rest of her time on the scene bare feet.

What 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg saw was completely different. 50 said whit a joke, not meant to be very sympathetic or even positive, that probably the ghost of Michael Jackson has to do something with the falling. You know the “POWER” director and his IG ability to humiliate. Snoop even developed more the tweet and mention that the late basketball star Kobe Bryant may also be involved in that.

The joke was not excepted very well, as expected. Some suggested that the reason for that tension between 50 and Oprah is the fact that according to him she could use her power to go after Harvey Weinstein for seeking justice with the same enthusiasm she did it before with Michael Jackson and Russel Simmons, focusing on her aiming only the black moguls.

Well, knowing both Fif and Snoop’s sense of humor, we can say Oprah got away with the minimum of what these two are capable of.


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