Snoop Dogg And Rick Ross With Important “Stay At Home” Message

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Snoop Dogg And Rick Ross With Important “Stay At Home” Message

The top news that everyone is discussing is the COVID-19 threat and the health of the nations. The planet stopped and everybody is looking forward to the good news when all will come back to normal.

Every concert, show, and sports event were canceled and many famous people are staying at home. Many of them also uploaded home videos, giving hope, ideas and most of all addressing their fans with care.

Two of the biggest rap stars Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross did the same in two different days.

Rick Ross’ message

On the 23rd of March, The Maybach Music Group’s boss published his message, calling the virus fungus. Though the term was not correctly used, the words are sincere and true. Once again, he emphasized our care for the older people and that we all have to stay away from each other for a while. Rick Ross expresses the understanding that we all like to hug our mothers and grandmothers daily, but we should avoid doing that right now. This has to be done so we can enjoy a longer time together. At the end of his message he once again says “The fungus is amongst us”.

After Rick Ross there comes Snoop Dogg’s message

On the next day, the 24th of March Snoop Dogg made his position public as well. He spoke to his fans as if they were brothers and sisters, leaving every cliché behind. The rapper used the love of the fans, so he can engage them and make them want to follow their idol and stay home. “The longer you stay outside, the longer we gonna be inside.” was a massive message, that aimed to reach everyone. The OG said he is sending it from the bottom of his heart and we believe it is so.

On his IG page, Snoop shared a live online party stream with DJ Sctratch

The world gets more and more united and connected each day of the isolation and it is really good to see so many different people connected from the same principles and ideas.



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