Snoop Dogg Consider Changing His Name Again


In the past few days there were tweets from the rap mogul Snoop Dogg in wich he expressing his thougths of getting a brand new stage name – “Smoooth Dogg” and asking his fans what they think about it.

The comments and answers from his fans was both positive and negative but at the end the decision will be taken from the Snoop himself.

Recently honnored with Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star, the OG seems to kick it hard since the start of 2019. He was featured in new music videos leaked few days ago.

As we all know this is not the first time the living legend switching his stage name. Lets take a look back in the years to remind what was all his names previously:

Since the start of his official career with first album “Doggystyle” ,Nov. 23 in 1993.

1993-1996 – Snoop Doggy Dogg

Then in 1996 after Snoop left Death Row Records, due to reasons regarding his deal with Suge Knight and leaving the company “What’s My Name” rapper recorded new album in another record family with the stage name Snoop Dogg. Seems like the “Snoop Dogg” name fitted perfect because he dropped 9 more albums with it.

1996 – 2013 – Snoop Dogg

Back in 2013 Snoop Dogg hits the reggae genre of the music. Influenced by the rastafari Snoop picks the name Snoop Lion and releases his reggae album called “Reincarnated” wich appears to be very successful even getting Grammy nominated and immediately blasts the top of the music charts.

2013-2015 – Snoop Lion

The reggae period of the rapper pass by for like an year and the “Gin & Juice” artist is back to the hip-hop in 2015, recording 4 more albums with his previous stage name Snoop Dogg.

2015 – 2019 – Snoop Dogg

We know that Snoop is working on an new album with name “I Wanna Thank Me” as you might forget that was the specific phrase that the OG started his speach wtih on the ceremony for the Walk of fame star. We can wait and see Snoop Dogg or Smoooth Dogg will be on the cover.



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