Snoop Dogg Drops “One Blood, One Cuzz” Video, Honors Nipsey Hussle

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Snoop Dogg Premieres “One Blood, One Cuzz” Video, Honors Nipsey Hussle


Alongside with the release of his new album, Snoop premiered his new visuals for the track “One Blood, One Cuzz” which serves as a call to unite between two of the biggest and emblematic gangs in the U.S.

The new video is also a tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle, who was shot and killed in a gang-related accident. See more about the fatal shooting here. As both of the rappers were showing their connections with the Crips, Snoop using his position of a living legend and calls thru the video for unity, as the only way to stop the war between gangs.



Premiere: August 16, 2019



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